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After releasing two EP’s in the last two years, Zhu is finally debuting a full-length album titled GENERATIONWHY. The album is to be 14 tracks long and will contain two popular tracks (which have already been released). These include the electrifying “In the Morning” which caught over eight million views on YouTube and “Working For It” which has received wide play on airwaves. 

With one quick look at the GENERATIONWHY short story, we see a super personal theme encouraging this generation to break free from society and conformity. The preview itself is everything we expect from Zhu: mysterious and unconventional. Zhu is a master of uniqueness, lyrical brilliance and dramatic yet soothing performances.

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This theme of nonconformity continues in the lyrics of the song titled “Generationwhy”. “Something in the night has come to me saying ‘get up, get up” is vocalized in the background of the film. The song also says “we feel the love and we are not ashamed” and then later “we are the people of this generation.” This is a sincere theme coming from Zhu, someone himself who has always been more focused on music than fame. For a long time, the artist remained anonymous for his art and still remains hidden when performing to his audiences.

The short story opens by quoting praises made towards Zhu including the New York Times statement that he is “one of the most musically sophisticated of the current generation.” We know he didn’t earn this by playing by the rules or by being anyone other than himself. Zhu’s smooth, unique uptown beats live on through the tracks which he’s already released.

We expect the rest of the album to be anything but left behind.
Check out the track list below and catch the full album release 7/29.

  1. Intro (Neon City)
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. In the Morning
  4. Secret Weapon
  5. Electrify Me
  6. Numb
  7. Palm of My Hand
  8. Money
  9. One Minute to Midnight
  10. Reaching
  11. Hometown Girl
  12. Good Life
  13. Generationwhy
  14. Working For It (ZHU x Skrillex x THEY)
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